K$money Icons (kmoney_icons) wrote in meetthe_barkers,
K$money Icons

Shanna Wallpaper

I made this wallpaper using pictures of her Stuff magazine photoshoot...thought I'd share it with you guys. =)
(I added a Shanna & Travis wallpaper) Enjoy!

And please, these are for personal use only, don't repost on another web site...thank you!
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ah beautiful!

Deleted comment


Yeah, it's pretty ironic they'd have her cleaning, she looks cute doing it though.

awesome! thats very pretty. you should make one of just travis or the whole family *winkwink*

I would make one of the whole family, but I can't find any HQ pics of all of them. Maybe just a Shanna and Travis one...sometime...if I do, I'll post it for sure.
I added a Shanna and Travis wallpaper...hope you guys like it!
i like! YAY!


12 years ago

Aww wow I love them. I'm using the 2nd one. I love how her body is so "normal" and she didn't conform to the whole stick figure thing that is taking over Hollywood
Yeah, she's so beautiful, she looks like a woman and not some 12 year old boy or stick.

i love em both u did really good<3
thank you!
love them both , but is gonna take the second one hope it is ok
thanks! Yeah, I posted them so people could use them as their wallpaper. =)

Is your icon Wednesday13? That's really cool...


12 years ago


12 years ago

I really like BOTH Of those!

good job ;)

id use um, but britney spears holds the spot

I love them.
could you make the pics bigger please? also, i can't see the first one